When in January 2011 Tanja found her way into our rehearsal room it was much more than luck that she dared to come. She was deterred by the misconception that we might be a cover band since we've sent her some cover songs that we were able to play for our first rehearsal. But that was never our intention, we've just had no recordings of our music at that time. But we always wanted to compose pieces of music our own and never wanted to be a cover band. And luckily we've managed to elliminate this misconception quite soon.


Since then we've worked on already existing and new material to fit Tanja's great voice with our music. It took us 'til August 2012 before we've felt ready to enter the stage. And to get the thing started we've simply booked the "Ballonfabrik" in Augsburg and asked Crystallion and Unclouded Perception for support. So our first gig was done and it felt good and was very well accepted by the audience.


Unfortunately our former drummer Markus has quit the band for personal reasons by the end of 2012 and so we needed to find us a new drummer. After some time of searching we've found Daniel I. He convinced us with his way of playing the drums and with is down-to-earth manners. So we started to re-work our material with him at the beginning of 2013. Our first gig with him happened then at the Gaslight Bistro in Augsburg in Oktober 2013. And a few days ago we've had a very nice gig at the YouZ in Königsbrunn.


Currently we are working on some recordings that we want to release soon. So stay tuned.


... to be continued ...